Flip – Parable

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Flip – Parable

Flip decided to go to the countryside. He heard it was wide and a good place to go. So he went. On his way, he found a wife. She needed a place to stay. Flip did not have a place to stay. He had been a beggar in the city, but said, “I’ll go to the country and make it a new day.”

His wife had heard nothing of Flip’s former life, but heard him say, We’ll make it right in the countryside. It’s a new day. Flip never stopped to ask his wife what her former life had been like. She had been a prostitute in the city, but woke up one day and said, “This can be a new day.” On her way to deposit her ill-gotten gain, she ran into Flip. They decided to take her on the trip to the countryside.

When they got there, the first order of the day was to get married. They passed a parsonage on the way. They asked the pastor to marry them so they could stay together and make a new life in the countryside. The pastor said he had a lot to do. He had awakened that very day and said to himself, “I will make it a new day.” This pastor was on his way to the city. City life was on his mind, not the nickels and dimes he made as a pastor in this small country town.

He turned them down until he heard Flip say, “Pastor, you have to marry us. It’s our new day. We plan to stay here in the countryside.” The pastor said, “I’ll make a deal with you. You want him and he wants you?” They both nodded this was true. The pastor said, “You two stay here one year. There’s not much money to be made, but the crops are due, and there’s hunting too. Fishing if—you do fish don’t you? he asked them both.” The wife said, “I do — we do.” Flip shook his head that, with her knowledge, this was true. The pastor said, “I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll marry you two for free if you stay here and be pastor of this countryside.”

They all agreed.

The moral of the story is a beggar, a hooker and a man of God can make a new day if they change places and see as the other sees. Do you agree?

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