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Posted in Article Writing by - September 08, 2016
Published Article Writer

From .10 per word for simple assignments to full novel ghostwriting, I offer content for websites, ebooks and more. The American University M.A. in Journalism and Digital Storytelling  honed my skill in storytelling by adding a web component.

Your story should be told in 3-d, not one-dimensional, traditional story writing.

  1. Print – You have less than 10 seconds to grab your viewer’s attention. The headline and first two lines must hook the reader;
  2. Video – The second component of online storytelling is video, first in some social media. The skills of an experienced actor and film producer are what I offer your content.
  3. Image –  The third part of your digital story is the image and caption. It must complement and retell your message.

Interactive Journalism is the art of interacting with the intended audience. Your message is limited only by the imagination of the storyteller. Video, audio, social media, print, and variations on these are combined to capture attention and tell a compelling story. Traditional marketing is not abandoned but enhanced to reach a worldwide market.

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