Cheryl’s Song – Christian Fiction

Cheryl’s Song – Christian Fiction

Cheryl Fields’ 1970s college experience at Maryland State University is marked by parties with her sorority and fraternity friends, the love of her life, Mike Elliott’s adoration, and her hopes for a future as a veterinary scientist.

Her life is upended by a pledge to Mike’s fraternity who teaches her that life is more than parties and pledges are to God, not men. Cheryl falls in love with the God Perry introduces her to, and her new Christian faith intrudes on every aspect of hers and Mike’s love affair.




In the ’70s, acts outlawed in pledging today were common, even expected. Cheryl vows to help her spiritual mentor who’s determined to pledge the Theta Theta Chapter of Kappa fraternity, or as this chapter is better known, The Beast of the East. 

Cheryl’s boyfriend, Mike, though jealous of her relationship with Perry, is also intrigued by the faith Cheryl has found. Mike is torn between his deep distrust of anyone who threatens the only peace he’s found in life, his love with Cheryl, and his desperate need to know the love of a father Perry has in his life and faith.

Will Cheryl be able to keep the beasts of Mike’s fraternity from Perry? 

Cheryl finds a new father and family in Jesus, and her former life is transformed.